Just ask any musician and they’ll  tell you quickly. We talked with members of the band ”The Unit” who had just performed in the ballroom of the Nagoya Hilton Hotel Nagoya,Japan for the Twelfth Annual Champagne Ball & Awards Evening (an ACCI and YJCS Event).

The band members from left to right; Dee Spicer (Vo), Derrick Thomas (Bass & Vo), Chris Tydingco (Drums), Aaron Blackmon (Guitar & Vo), Dion “Q” Washington (Vo) all agree that the importance of  having a great promo package when it comes down to securing a job makes all the difference in the world. The right package in the hands of someone like the F&B (Food & Beverage) Manager in this case could take your act straight to the top. Still you must remember…not all gigs are the same. First rule of thumb “Be Prepared for Every Situation” try and stay flexible.

Your promo package is sometimes your first connection to Club Owners, Booking Agents, Journalist, Managers, Publicist, Lawyers and Recording Companies. A great package will tell a potenial business partner or contact who you are.Your Press Kit will help a writer or journalist fill in the gaps for an editorial piece written about your band. Bloggers, internet program managers use this information to tell your story and pass it along to their audience.

Here`s some things you will need in your package:

  • Band photograph / Poster / Logo
  • Your latest CD / Demo recording / or links to downloads
  • Biography
  • Latest Band newsletter/Gig flyer /or Tour schedule, Itinerary
  • Press clippings of reviews and editorials
  • Performance Video / DVD / links to Youtube postings
  • Contact information / include your Social Media accounts

You can also create a digital version of your package that can be sent by email or downloaded from your website. This version is probably the most popular way to get your information out there. One last thing…Always keep it fresh, keep your package up-to-date with new photos and any highlights, articles and reviews in the last 6 months to a year at most. Just remember “Music is Color Blind” it has the power to reach people of all cultures, ethnic backgrounds and religions.It has the power to put a smile on the face of someone who is sad, and bring you to tears with just one note. As Musicians you have the responsible to not just “Make The Gig” but…to “Make The Gig An Experience” for the people in that moment, by giving all you have…into every song you play, every song you sing or every song you write or produce.Give them the Best of You.

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