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Quadcore Productions

     We are a Live Show and Studio Production Unit based in Japan.  Established in 2016 for the purposes of providing exciting Live Event Shows and producing top quality Recording artist. Having collectively amassed more than 75 years of combined experience within the music business, we (The QuadCore Production Team) understand the value of an EXCITING and PROFESSIONAL show and the IMPORTANCE of quality RECORDINGS.

Our Approach

We provide a variety of services. Live Bands, Musicians, Vocalists, Production services I.E. Mixing Mastering Engineering, Artist Development, Talent services,  ETC.

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Our Story

Meet the Core

QuadCore Production’s members, musicians and its vocalist are highly professional. Our only desire is to provide stress free, professional quality, and entertaining productions for all. Live on stage or in the studio Come and be a part of our QuadCore family. We are looking forward to working with you.

We are here to help make your entertainment life enjoyable, exciting, and fun!

For more information about QuadCore Productions, e.g., requesting a quote or inquiring about our services feel free to contact us anytime.